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2015 Theme: Execution.
January focus: Get Up and Get Real

Innovation is rewarded. Execution is worshipped.

This year is about execution. It’s about you taking back control and becoming the CEO of your career and life. The first step is to get up and out of any and everything counterproductive. Good habits are the foundation of productivity. And good habits come from a good habitat – which is you (mind, body, and spirit). The future (more successful) you requires the present you to take a stand today! Love your goals and the reason you want to achieve them more than you fear your boss, fear losing friends or even material possessions. The next step is to get real about your success. Take it out of your head and onto a project plan, and into reality. Get real help that you need in the areas that you need it – don’t go at it alone. Here’s a tip: practice your elocution to strengthen your execution. Let’s get up, get real, and execute this year like it’s the last year to do it!

Young Black Professionals (YBPSM) was established in January of 2008 as a means of closing the gaps of success within our professional community.

...a few of the benefits our members enjoy:

Complete access to the entire site (blogs, news, videos, chat, events, and much more)!
Unlimited Networking with thousands of like-minded young professionals in various fields across the globe!
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Face-to-face interaction. 100% of our member profiles have a face photo so you know exactly who you’re talking to!
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This is only the beginning. YBP seeks to change the lifestyle perception of our generation and those to come!
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