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What's the best thing you've learned from a bad boss? ...professionally or personally. About yourself or about others.
383d ago
Why are you the man or woman for the job? During my career I have been the person asking this question and the person answering it, and in my humble opinion both sides are seeking the same thing: the defining factor. Do you know what yours is? Let’s hear it! If you don’t know it, let’s learn it together. If another person seems just as qualified why should you be the one to win?What’s your defining factor???
637d ago
Stability makes a job good, and lack of communication makes it poor. I think having flexible schedules and assignment based productivity would be the most productive work environment for me. If I choose to come in at 6 or at 9 as long as the job is done. I also like the ability to work from anywhere. If provided the right tools I could be working other than banker's hours.
643d ago
A lot of professionals often see work as But every now and then you see someone (or maybe yourself) who enjoys their job. So the question is posed, what for you makes for a good work environment and what makes for a poor one? Also, what would make your job more fun? :)
643d ago
I've went through a lot of business material but make sure you get a good book on Marketing. A good PR/Marketing person whether it's someone you know,  or even if it's the for dummies series. This will save much time in getting things moving with obtaining a good ROI (return on investment). This clip below is all good, but there is some specific info to your question at 5:42.
697d ago
My favorite right now is the "Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom" by Robert Kiyosaki. It definitely puts you in a different mind state especially when working for someone else. 
705d ago
Hey YBP family, What is your favorite book to read about starting a business? Has anybody found any good books on starting your own business? If so please let me know what you are reading. Thank you, Callen
712d ago
I would need an iron clad business plan and success here I come!
717d ago
Nothing. I'm going for my dream now. :) And, anything I need I believe I can get with prayer, networking, some small investments, and simply being resourceful. We get to the top of the mountain one foot at a time, right? It'd sure be easier to hire people to help me, though! :) 
717d ago
If you were given 2 times your highest salary, what SINGLE next thing would you need to go for your dream? The SINGLE next thing I would need to go for my dream would be a financial planner, my ultimate dream is financial independence. I am a single male so the bulk of that income would be invested so my money could work for me while I work for my current organization. Two years after the level of stability I desire is reached I would invest in my close friend and mentors comp
718d ago